Friday, March 30, 2012

Sigma Gamma Phi community service

Recently, the sisters of Sigma Gamma Phi have been busy with different community service events, as well as planning fun social events for the remainder of the semester. All semester, Sigma Gamma Phi sorority is involved in various activities in the community. There are always opportunities that arise that enable sorority members to become active members of the community. Recently, we held a babysitting night at a local church, where parents could bring their little ones for a few hours of fun. We had multiple rooms set up with different activities, in order to ensure that each child was occupied and having a good time. One room had puzzles and a movie playing, another had play-doh and snacks, and one room enough space for the kids to run around and play tag. The evening was fun for everyone, and sisters of the sorority enjoyed spending time with the kids. After a long stressful day of schoolwork, being able to act like a kid again was quite refreshing! The babysitting event was a success, and we can’t wait to do it again!
Sigma Gamma Phi is a local sorority, which means that there are several chapters that are all located in New York State. We have three other chapters located in Geneseo, Potsdam, and Fredonia. One of the benefits of being such a small sorority is that we are able to set up fun events with the other chapters, such as our Convocation. Convocation is put on every year, and all of the chapters get together and spend a weekend of fun together. The weekend is spent with tons of bonding sessions between the chapters where our traditions are shared, and we learn about the differences between the chapters that make each unique. Current Convocation chair, Jessica Samplaski, says, “Convocation weekend is a perfect example of bonding. It is a weekend of fun and sisterhood that we all look forward to each year.” Each chapter takes turns every year hosting the weekend. This year it is going to be at SUNY Geneseo and is going to be March 31st- April 1st. Samplaski, states, “Personally, I cannot wait for convocation! I look forward to spending the weekend with all of the sisters that I have met during previous convocation weekends and I absolutely love meeting all of the new members.” We are all quite excited to attend this upcoming weekend and we cannot wait to make lasting memories!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity Update!

            The newly charted Delta Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity at SUNY Oneonta inducted seven new brothers as of March 16th. The chapter and the fraternity as a whole would like to congratulate the Nu Class of the spring 2012 semester. Past National President, and current National Historian, Joseph Rahtelli II came out to Oneonta from his home in Connecticut to facilitate the Induction. Brother Joseph Rahtelli II has been with Delta Rho every step of the way thus far and his presence is often appreciated and looked forward to. The seven new brothers are Jimmy Oliva, Oliver Gulian, Cameron Anderson, Taylor Galano, Joe Sorel, Devon Seegers, and Matt Cintorino. All are freshman less Matt, who recently transferred into SUNY Oneonta. The fraternity now has 26 active brothers in just two years, with two brothers that have achieved alumni status.
The Nu class displayed a very strong sense of brotherhood during the new member process. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity is confident the Nus will benefit both the community and the college, not to mention the organization itself both on the national level and within the Delta Rho chapter. The newly inducted brothers already showed they are eager to lend a helping hand.
On Saturday, March 10th many of the brothers, and the Nu new member class, traveled to Schoharie to provide a cleanup effort from the damage still left behind by hurricane Irene. The group awoke early on Saturday and traveled an hour to Schoharie where a day’s work in swamp like devastation was accomplished. The guys dug up all sorts of objects washed away by Mother Nature.  They also broke up into groups and painted some portions of a house. The seven new brothers have a very promising future. It is clear they will work hard to be leaders and make the right choice.