Friday, October 28, 2011

Liz O'Connor - Sigma Delta Tau

Hello Greek blog readers! I’m sorry this is so late; it’s been a pretty hectic month for Sigma Delta Tau. Between bake sales, welcoming our five amazing new members into Sigma Delta Tau as our sisters and our charity walk for Prevent Child Abuse America I have barely had time to breathe. Whew!
One exciting thing I did get to participate it was the Mr. and Miss Oneonta pageant. Personally the mere thought of Toddlers in Tiaras episode sends chills up my spine but since my lovely sisters were kind enough to nominate me to represent them in the pageant I thought why not? I would be lying if I said in my younger years I hadn’t been secretly excited when those applications for Miss Teen USA that got sent to every girl 5-18 in the country graced my mailbox.
The pageant itself was a ton of fun and a huge success. Ultimately I was beat out by the hilarious and beautiful Britany of Lamda Theta Alpha but I took second runner up! Although I had a good run I am going to take this opportunity to hang up my sash and retire from the fiercely competitive world of pageants.
Signing off for now, but please check back for various photos and hijinks to learn more about Sigma Delta Tau!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kim Chong - Sigma Gamma Phi

Sigma Gamma Phi is off to a very busy Fall 2011 semester. The sisters of Sigma Gamma Phi and myself are very excited to soon welcome our newest pledge class of six.
There has been a lot going on our campus, especially with many events hosted by Greeks such as Phi Sigma Sigma’s Not So Talented Talent Show hosted by one of our very own Arethusa girls – Damaris Fontanes. Today we participated in Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Phi Delta’s Walk for Autism.  Along with these community service events we have participated in, the sisters of Sigma Gamma Phi make weekly visits to the Robynwood Home for Adults right here in Oneonta. We always have a great time with the residents of Robynwood.
This past weekend we had our Sister Retreat at College Camp. Many of our sisters as well as our advisor Christine Edwards attended the retreat. It was a fun night filled with smores, bracelet-making, movies, music, dance parties and many other team building activities. It was also nice to spend a night at College Camp with my sisters.
We participated in a window painting competition for Homecoming weekend and painted a window in Hunt Union. It can be seen from the main desk looking up. Next time you walk into Hunt Union, look up! Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for many more Thusa-news to come!

Britany Thomas - Lambda Theta Alpha

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., Epsilon Mu Chapter is proud to be currently seeking full recognition here at SUNY Oneonta! We started with just eight ladies but hope to watch our chapter flourish! In the meantime, the five remaining sisters have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! We have had two informationals this semester and are always willing to talk to any lady who thinks she may be interested in our wonderful organization! Our top event of the semester so far has been “Get them to the Greeks”! This event was an open panel discussion to try to build some understanding between mainstream and multi-cultural orgs! Greeks from both SUNY Binghamton(LTA) and SUNY Delhi(LAU) came out to participate and support!  Our chapter definitely believes it is important that as Greek organizations we respect one another and make the effort to understand one another! I personally feel Lambda Theta Alpha has truly empowered me to be a stronger woman. I also know that at any moment, day or night, I have someone I can call on and who will have my back. Being part of a sisterhood like this is indefinable and I’m truly thankful I made it a part of my life!       

Sammi Hollander- Sigma Sigma Sigma

Hi I am Sammi Hollander of Sigma Sigma Sigma.  I have been so busy sorry for not blogging! But this semester is off to a great start for us.  We have 11 new members that are all amazing! They are currently involved in the new member program.  In September, we held an extremely successful philanthropy event!  It was called Rockin’ for Robbie.  Our philanthropy is for play therapy for terminally ill children.  All day we sat in rocking chairs in the quad and got friends and family to sponsor us, along with that we had pie a Sigma and we had boxes for spare change of people walking by.  I had so much fun raising money and knowing what it was for felt great.  I made sure to get even pennies from people walking by.  We raised over 1,000 dollars!  We also put on an Autism Walk with Alpha Phi Delta this past weekend and raised over 1,000 dollars again! Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the Walk because I had work, but I heard so many people showed up and it was a great time. I’m very proud of the chapter and Alpha Phi Delta.  This tuesday, the 11th, we had Mr. and Mrs. Oneonta.  We had Erika Muccio, my roommate, participate.  She was great, sadly she didn’t win :(.  Shout out to the winners! You did great.  Sigma Sigma Sigma having a great semester so far, I’ll blog again soon!

George Lenz - Alpha Phi Delta

Hello everybody, this is not just my first ever Greek blog but also my first ever blog period.  First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am George Lenz of Alpha Phi Delta fraternity, I was inducted last fall as a part of the lambda class. This month so far has been quite a busy one for Alpha Phi Delta.  On October 7th I was given an introductory meeting as to what I would be doing here as a blogger and I was given the down low on what I would be doing so that I can now bring you all the latest Alpha Phi Delta news. First on October 5th I attended Get them to the greeks. I was actually given the privilege to participate as part of the panel during this event.  The event was hosted by the multi cultural organizations on campus and introduced us to some of their traditions and what makes them stand out amongst other organizations, as well as showing us how we are all alike. What was nice about this was not only did they teach us about their organizations but they were just as interested in learning how us “mainstream” organizations do things as well. On October 9th Alpha Phi Delta held a walk for autism along side with Sigma Sigma Sigma. I believe I speak for all the fraternity brothers when I say we had a blast with this. It lasted from 10:30 until 3 pm and consisted of many different games and lots of food. Some of the games included water pong, some people were shooting hoops on the open basketball hoop, and we had a failed attempt at creating a human bubble game, although it was a great idea, and we had a lot of fun in our failure. We also painted Hunt Union windows with Sigma Sigma Sigma. I did not attend this event but word on the street was that it was quite a blast, and the art work looked beautiful.  On October 11th, Mr. and Mrs. Oneonta pageant was held. This event was a lot of fun and I would like to congratulate all the participants and people involved in putting together such a fantastic event. Our very own Mr. Ray Krisa held his own up on stage. He provided humor during the creative segment as well as quite a spectacle during the formal wear segment. The girls in the crowd (and perhaps some guys) got quite rowdy as he walked out in nothing but a tie and slacks. I don’t think you can get any closer to the definition of stud than that. And that’s the end of my first blog, let me know how I did in the comments section.