Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome New Greeks!

This is a very exciting time for our Greek Community. By now, most if not all new members have been initiated into their chapters. The life changing things that we told you all about when you were in recruitment start now. Many of you will go on to do great things in your chapters. Who knows? You may be your next Chapter President.

There are so many ways to get involved now that you are fully integrated into our Greek Community.You may want to consider being on the Inter-Greek Council Executive Board. The E-Board is comprised of great leader from many of our chapters. It's an awesome way to gain leadership experience while working on your Greek relations. Greek Interns are also great leaders in our community. They help around the Office of Campus Life, while taking on their own individual projects that are related to their major. Greek Interns can opt whether they want to work for credit or just experience.

If you are succeeding as a leader and a scholar, you may want to consider joining Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. To join you must have a 3.25 GPA. It's a way to show people in the Greek community that you are a true leader amongst your fellow Greeks.

If you plan on holding an officer position next semester you may want to consider going to the Greek Officer Transition Meeting on Tuesday November 19th 2013 from 7PM to 9PM in the Leatherstocking room at Hunt Union. You will learn everything a new officer should know, and you will learn how to transition people once you are done with said position. It's going to be a great learning experience for both new and old officers.

Be on the look out for all the opportunities to come in the future, we hope see you around the office. On behalf of all of Greek Life, Congrats to our newest members!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Brothers of Alpha Phi Delta and the Best Use of Theme

     This past month has been an exciting one for the Delta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta here at SUCO. To begin, the chapter inducted the Omicron Pledge Class consisting of Aaron Phillips, Shane Irwin, J.J. Kissane, and Gavin Mooney. The induction was held by Assistant District Governor Jeff Sidoti.

     Since the induction, the chapter has been very busy with community service. We hosted our Sandy Relief Dodgeball Tournament which raised money for those affected by the hurricane. Also, the brothers volunteered their time to help "America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk" at Neahwa Park by working security, food service, and by cheering on the runners.
    Lastly, we participated in the annual Relay For Life held by both SUCO and Hartwick. At this event, brothers stayed in the gymnasium from 5pm to 5am. We brought in two huge TV's, an Xbox, Gamecube, and many chairs and blankets and covered our campsite with birthday balloons and other decorations, thus winning Best Use of Theme. As the semester comes to an end, we look forward to our Alumni Weekend and Fraternity Formal!
Til next time,
Michael James


Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Love From Pi Delta Chi

 Hey, what's up Oneonta?
     It's Lauren Padilla, but everyone usually calls me Ren for short. Let me introduce myself real quick. I'm a junior studying fashion design. I am a member of the chapter, Pi Delta Chi Sorority. I hold a couple of positions which are new member educator, blogger (obviously :p), standards of excellence, and assistant to our judicial board. I am also a member our Greek honor society, Order of Omega. In addition to my involvement in my sorority, I am also apart of various clubs on campus. First and foremost, I am apart of the Student Fashion Society and I will be designing for the 3rd time for the spring fashion show. I am also the secretary for the Songwriter's Club and a member of Rock to Cure and Harry Potter Club. As you can see I am VERY involved, xD but enough about me let's talk about what's happenin' in Pi Delta Chi!

     As most of us know, recruitment time is extremely busy! Our hard work paid off and we are super proud to have 5 new members this semester! I'm happy to introduce our new members, Stephanie Peguillan, Jennifer Laine, Rebecca LeFebvre, Samantha McCaffery, and Ariana Schrader-Rank. It has been such a joy to get to know them and to teach them all about Pi Delta Chi. We have watched Pitch Perfect and made valentine's fortune cookies out of felt (it was adorable), we have also learned songs together, just to name a few things. We can't wait until they are official in! :D Also, Pi Delta Chi and Sigma Delta Tau have teamed up and are having a fun meet and greet with our new members. This Saturday, they will meet one another at Starbucks and attend the 90's night for some relaxing from their every day homework done in study hours. On a side note, we potentially have a split class!! Hurray!

Up-Coming events:

Our last semester Miss Pi Delta Chi, Lauren Crandall will be singing in Sigma Delta Tau's Cabaret Night on March 9th. She has also has preformed in her own pageants and we look forward to a dazzling pageant winning performance.

Our sisters are also going to help set up for Saturday's Bread on Friday as well as volunteer their time at Saturday's bread.

We also have a golden coin aka chocolate coins sale (YUM) around St. Patrick's day to send some luck to whomever. Look out for that!!

Also, I'm pleased to announce that we are planning to plant a garden in downtown Oneonta for breast cancer awareness, it is still a work in progress but we are so excited and hope that everything is approved!

Past Events:

          We helped make Valentine's day cards for kids with cancer at Wilber Hall. It was wonderful to feel like we made a difference for a child who isn't feeling very well. We hope that they get better, but for now we will try to put a smile on their faces and send a little love through a simple yet beautiful card <3

Until next time,


A Busy Semester For Alpha Phi Delta

     The Spring 2013 semester has been one of the busiest for the brothers of Alpha Phi Delta yet. We started off with a successful rush week and have begun a New Member Process with four, very handsome, soon-to-be Alpha Men. During our February break, 20 of the brothers of the Delta Rho Chapter attended the APD National Council held by the Delta Theta brothers of Marist College. Being national is a big part of Alpha Phi Delta and we had a blast networking and hanging out with brothers from all over the country.

     One of the biggest focuses this year has been on the Alumnus of the chapter that we have yet to meet. As many know, the Delta Rho Chapter began reactivation in 2010 with no knowledge that the chapter existed here in Oneonta during the 1990s. We just recently got in touch with many of the brothers from that decade and have been planning an eventful Alumni Weekend set for April 19th and. Many more events including a Blood Drive and Dodgeball Tournament are also planned for this semester so stay tuned!

-Michael James

Fifteen New Members of Sigma Gamma Phi

     The sisters of Sigma Gamma Phi were looking forward to coming back to school. Our recruitment chairs, Melanie Mancari and Brittany Dorn, put on a great events this recruitment week. They put on events such as banner making with ZBT and sorority craft night.

     Fifteen girls accepted bids from Sigma Gamma Phi. The new members were presented to the campus on the Greek community's special bid day event. Our assistant social chair, Katie Wood, put on a taco night for the sisters and new members to get better acquainted. She was shortly after awarded sister of the month for doing such a great job with this event.

(The sisters of Sigma Gamma Phi and our 15 new members)

     For Valentine’s Day our community service chair, Meaghan Gaffney, put together a Valentine’s Day candy gram fundraiser with ZBT. The fundraiser was a great success and half the proceeds went toward our philanthropy, Opportunities for Otsego. In addition Meaghan also organizes a weekly trip to Robynwood to play bingo. Sigma Gamma Phi has a busy semester to look forward to!

-Ali & Catie

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nine Enthusiastic ZBT Men

After a very positive and eventful rush week, the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau, including myself, were proud to announce our biggest new member class, which consists of nine enthusiastic men. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our recruitment chairmen (Jason Pagan and Matt Cohn), it’s safe to say that this past spring recruitment week turned out to be our most successful one. We are now that much closer to our long awaited goal, which is the official transition from being recognized as a colony to being recognized as a chapter. While currently awaiting approval from nationals, our goal will most likely be achieved sometime soon. With an outcome as great as this one, our hopes and expectations for the future of this fraternity became so much more desirable.

(New Members (Bottom Row from left to right) Keith Jaroslawski, John Martinez, Ryan Costello, Chris Mosca, Russell Lowe, Lonny Chin, Andrew Vachris, Brent Siegel, Patrick Tidings)
            The brothers of Zeta Beta Tau are also excited about many upcoming philanthropy events this semester. One of our successful national events is “Get on the Ball.” During this event, the brothers roll around a 6 foot tall ball full of air and the goal is to acquire as many signatures and donations from fellow students and staff as possible. Many local businesses also sponsor this event, which helps it become so much more successful. All donations collected are given to the Children’s Miracle Network.

(“Get on the Ball” Spring 2012)
From the results of the past recruitment week and plans for the future, our expectations for this fraternity are even more promising.
  -Marc Martinez

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Phi Sig World

The past month has been quite an exciting one for the sisters of Phi Sig!

 As we all know, recruitment week and the beginning of new classes can prove to be an extremely stressful period. Our spring recruitment brought us 12 beautiful and unique girls that we are more than excited to welcome as our newest sisters! Our 12 new additions will bring us to over 80 sisters, which we are overwhelmingly thrilled about!

At the end of recruitment week, some of our sisters on E-Board traveled to Washington, D.C. for our national conference. The girls were able to meet hundreds of other Phi Sig sisters from chapters all over the country! Conference is certainly one of the greatest benefits of being a national chapter. Those who went said they had incredible experiences learning about different chapters and strategies used by those chapters. The girls also had the privilege of meeting Alicia Scott, Phi Sigma Sigma’s Grand Archon, and other highly influential members of Phi Sig’s history. This year, Phi Sigma Sigma is celebrating our centennial anniversary, an outstanding an exciting accomplishment for our organization. Our centennial conference will be held this July in New York City!

Love was certainly in the air for the Phi Sig sisters this month with our Valentines Day Fundraiser. We decorated heart shaped cards and sold them with roses and candy for $2 each. Students all over campus bought them for their sweethearts making it a huge success! We raised just under $100 and are eager to put the money towards future sisterhood events.

The upcoming months will without a doubt be just as busy for us. Our Risk Management Chair, Rebecca Menachem, is planning for our chapter to participate in the “Red Watch Band” program, a certification designed to teach students the procedures that should be taken when a friend may have alcohol poisoning. In addition, we’ve also begun to plan our Family Weekend, tentatively to take place in April. We’re can’t wait to share our success with our families and teach them a little bit more about what goes on in the Phi Sig world!!

Phi Sigma Sigma’s Beta Alpha Pledge Class with Assistant Recruitment Chair, Kaitie Peck

Lauren Zeoli, Leanne Bolson, Brittany Alfarano, Gina Fiore, Elissa Tully, and Dayna Maresco at conference in Washington, D.C.

E-Board with Grand Archon, Alicia Scott

Some of the cards used in our Valentines Day Fundraiser

Phi Sigma Sigma will be participating in the “Red Watch Band” program to educate students on the dangers of excessive alcohol use

Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. Amazing Programming

     The sisters of Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. have some amazing programs coming up. On the 11th of March they have another program with PASO which will be focused on different spiritual beliefs. Other collaborations include that with the Multicultural Student Council (MSC), and the AALANA Mentor Program conducting the women’s round table forum which will take place on March 10th. The week of April 8-12th will be a busy week for these women being that this is their Founders Week. Through out this week the sisters will be educating their campus community on political, social, cultural, educational awarenesses of today’s society. Look out for these awarenesses of today’s society. Look out for these awesome programs and events that Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. has to offer. Its sure to leave you Captivated!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spring 2013 Recruitment Week

Hello all!

Sorority and Fraternity Recruitment week is at full swing here at SUNY Oneonta. All of our chapters are attending the recruitment week activities and are having lots of fun meeting prospective students.

Our sororities are attending events such as Sorority Socials, Sorority Tea, and even a fun "How To" Craft Night in the Hunt Union Ballroom. You can find a schedule of events here on this blog or look around for a "Love Greek" Poster which is the sorority recruitment theme this semester. For any more information about recruitment you can contact the fantastic IGC Sorority Recruitment chair Riana Scott at or stop by the IGC office located on the third floor of Hunt Union.

Our Fraternitites this week are hosting many informationals, dinners, and even some pick up sports games can be found in the chase gym. To find out more events hosted by our fraternities here on campus you can contact each individual chair or our IGC Fraternity Recruitment chair Kenny Hillman at and feel free to stop by the IGC office at any time with any questions or clarifications.

The Greek Life office cannot wait to meet all of the potential new members at Bid Day this Friday at 3pm and are looking forward to an exciting new Spring semester to come!