Thursday, November 3, 2011

George Lenz - Alpha Phi Delta

Welcome back to Alpha Phi Delta’s blog. Big news since the last post, we have now grown in numbers to 20 members!!! On October 17th we proudly inducted our 6 newest members! I would like to congratulate Will Breen, Tyler Kuznia, Brian Tighe, Todd Connally, Clinton Fagan, and Todd  Baumgartner. We are proud to call the 6 young men our fellow Alpha Phi Delta brothers.  We also sold Broneonta state pinnes. These were very popular and people loved them! You can currently see them being worn on campus almost daily, although I’m sure that is changing now that Oneonta’s weather is showing it’s true face. Speaking of raising money, we will also be selling “nuts for nuts” bracelets in the near future, so be on the lookout for those. On October 27th, our very own president the brilliant Pete Donaghy, put on an LGBTQ program. I would like to congratulate him on a successful event. Although I did not personally attend I heard it was quite and informative and well executed event. The following day on October 28th, Our organization put together a mummy wrapping station at the Halloween carnival that occurred from 4-7.  Ryan Kelly said it was quite busy, and the children had a blast. In fact some of the children even requested to wrap the brothers. I did not attend this event personally because I was participating in Halloween in the halls. I passed out candy to all of the children who came by. I had a great time handing out candy to the children and they were very in spirit as they came around all dressed in their costumes. There was a mix of everything, from a jack in the box, to a monkey, to power rangers, and vampires. I would like to congratulate everyone from Matteson hall who did a wonderful job in putting this event together.  It was wonderful and very well executed. On Sunday October 30th, Phi Sigma Sigma held a kidney walk.  Most of our brothers attended this event to support our fellow greek life and support the cause.  There were burgers and other food. It was a great event and I would like to congratulate Phi Sigma Sigma on all the money they raised, I hope we helped make a difference! I was one of the very few brothers who could not attend. I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Halloween weekend. So who thinks they had the best costume, let me know what it was in the comments section. Happy Halloween!!

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