Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chi Upsilon Sigma "Founders Week"

This semester Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Inc., held a program on HIV/AIDS awareness titled "Lifestyles", along with the Voices of Serenity Gospel Choir on campus. This event was held on Valentines Day, in order to help promote safe sex. We also recently did a collaboration with MSC and SCC called the Women's round table, in which we discussed some of the current on going issues involving females and how these issues are different from the issues women in the past had to deal with. The following week we held a Women's recognition Dinner, in which we cooked and helped recognize the hardworking women of our campus.

This week April 8th until April 12th, we have planned programs from Binge Drinking, KONY2012, and Don't Lose Control (Child Abuse) in order to help educate our campus on these current ongoing issues in our society. We look forward to having a successful week. :)

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