Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Phi Sigma Sigma "Fun Fun Fun"

For this semester Phi Sigma Sigma is proud to say we are off to a great start! We have had a very successful recruitment, receiving ten more new members.  We are so excited to initiate our new members into Phi Sigma Sigma. On Bid Day, it was clear that not only did we have a successful recruitment for our chapter, but every other organization did as well!  Everyone received an amazing group of new members for their organization and we were proud to be apart of that.

So far this semester we have been planning for a lot of upcoming events.  On March 6th, Phi Sigma Sigma split us up into different groups.  Each group was a different country; we had to cook a traditional dish from a specific country and also presented background information about our country and our dish. My group was Italy. We cooked baked ziti to show how Italians strive off of simple dishes to show off the quality of those few ingredients. 

This year, we are introducing a new event to our campus, 90‘s Jeopardy. We have been tabling at Wilsbach and Mills dining halls to gain interested participants!  We are so excited for this event and hope to get a lot of people interested in it, as well. We are striving to raise money for our local philanthropy, the National Kidney Foundation. We are also preparing for our annual “Not-So-Talented-Talent-Show”, coming up later in the semester. We also plan to go to Binghamton to help with flood relief, some of our sisters went last semester and really enjoyed it!

Written By: Elissa Tully

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