Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Love From Pi Delta Chi

 Hey, what's up Oneonta?
     It's Lauren Padilla, but everyone usually calls me Ren for short. Let me introduce myself real quick. I'm a junior studying fashion design. I am a member of the chapter, Pi Delta Chi Sorority. I hold a couple of positions which are new member educator, blogger (obviously :p), standards of excellence, and assistant to our judicial board. I am also a member our Greek honor society, Order of Omega. In addition to my involvement in my sorority, I am also apart of various clubs on campus. First and foremost, I am apart of the Student Fashion Society and I will be designing for the 3rd time for the spring fashion show. I am also the secretary for the Songwriter's Club and a member of Rock to Cure and Harry Potter Club. As you can see I am VERY involved, xD but enough about me let's talk about what's happenin' in Pi Delta Chi!

     As most of us know, recruitment time is extremely busy! Our hard work paid off and we are super proud to have 5 new members this semester! I'm happy to introduce our new members, Stephanie Peguillan, Jennifer Laine, Rebecca LeFebvre, Samantha McCaffery, and Ariana Schrader-Rank. It has been such a joy to get to know them and to teach them all about Pi Delta Chi. We have watched Pitch Perfect and made valentine's fortune cookies out of felt (it was adorable), we have also learned songs together, just to name a few things. We can't wait until they are official in! :D Also, Pi Delta Chi and Sigma Delta Tau have teamed up and are having a fun meet and greet with our new members. This Saturday, they will meet one another at Starbucks and attend the 90's night for some relaxing from their every day homework done in study hours. On a side note, we potentially have a split class!! Hurray!

Up-Coming events:

Our last semester Miss Pi Delta Chi, Lauren Crandall will be singing in Sigma Delta Tau's Cabaret Night on March 9th. She has also has preformed in her own pageants and we look forward to a dazzling pageant winning performance.

Our sisters are also going to help set up for Saturday's Bread on Friday as well as volunteer their time at Saturday's bread.

We also have a golden coin aka chocolate coins sale (YUM) around St. Patrick's day to send some luck to whomever. Look out for that!!

Also, I'm pleased to announce that we are planning to plant a garden in downtown Oneonta for breast cancer awareness, it is still a work in progress but we are so excited and hope that everything is approved!

Past Events:

          We helped make Valentine's day cards for kids with cancer at Wilber Hall. It was wonderful to feel like we made a difference for a child who isn't feeling very well. We hope that they get better, but for now we will try to put a smile on their faces and send a little love through a simple yet beautiful card <3

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