Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nine Enthusiastic ZBT Men

After a very positive and eventful rush week, the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau, including myself, were proud to announce our biggest new member class, which consists of nine enthusiastic men. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our recruitment chairmen (Jason Pagan and Matt Cohn), it’s safe to say that this past spring recruitment week turned out to be our most successful one. We are now that much closer to our long awaited goal, which is the official transition from being recognized as a colony to being recognized as a chapter. While currently awaiting approval from nationals, our goal will most likely be achieved sometime soon. With an outcome as great as this one, our hopes and expectations for the future of this fraternity became so much more desirable.

(New Members (Bottom Row from left to right) Keith Jaroslawski, John Martinez, Ryan Costello, Chris Mosca, Russell Lowe, Lonny Chin, Andrew Vachris, Brent Siegel, Patrick Tidings)
            The brothers of Zeta Beta Tau are also excited about many upcoming philanthropy events this semester. One of our successful national events is “Get on the Ball.” During this event, the brothers roll around a 6 foot tall ball full of air and the goal is to acquire as many signatures and donations from fellow students and staff as possible. Many local businesses also sponsor this event, which helps it become so much more successful. All donations collected are given to the Children’s Miracle Network.

(“Get on the Ball” Spring 2012)
From the results of the past recruitment week and plans for the future, our expectations for this fraternity are even more promising.
  -Marc Martinez

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