Friday, March 15, 2013

Fifteen New Members of Sigma Gamma Phi

     The sisters of Sigma Gamma Phi were looking forward to coming back to school. Our recruitment chairs, Melanie Mancari and Brittany Dorn, put on a great events this recruitment week. They put on events such as banner making with ZBT and sorority craft night.

     Fifteen girls accepted bids from Sigma Gamma Phi. The new members were presented to the campus on the Greek community's special bid day event. Our assistant social chair, Katie Wood, put on a taco night for the sisters and new members to get better acquainted. She was shortly after awarded sister of the month for doing such a great job with this event.

(The sisters of Sigma Gamma Phi and our 15 new members)

     For Valentine’s Day our community service chair, Meaghan Gaffney, put together a Valentine’s Day candy gram fundraiser with ZBT. The fundraiser was a great success and half the proceeds went toward our philanthropy, Opportunities for Otsego. In addition Meaghan also organizes a weekly trip to Robynwood to play bingo. Sigma Gamma Phi has a busy semester to look forward to!

-Ali & Catie

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