Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sammi Hollander- Sigma Sigma Sigma

Hi I am Sammi Hollander of Sigma Sigma Sigma.  I have been so busy sorry for not blogging! But this semester is off to a great start for us.  We have 11 new members that are all amazing! They are currently involved in the new member program.  In September, we held an extremely successful philanthropy event!  It was called Rockin’ for Robbie.  Our philanthropy is for play therapy for terminally ill children.  All day we sat in rocking chairs in the quad and got friends and family to sponsor us, along with that we had pie a Sigma and we had boxes for spare change of people walking by.  I had so much fun raising money and knowing what it was for felt great.  I made sure to get even pennies from people walking by.  We raised over 1,000 dollars!  We also put on an Autism Walk with Alpha Phi Delta this past weekend and raised over 1,000 dollars again! Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the Walk because I had work, but I heard so many people showed up and it was a great time. I’m very proud of the chapter and Alpha Phi Delta.  This tuesday, the 11th, we had Mr. and Mrs. Oneonta.  We had Erika Muccio, my roommate, participate.  She was great, sadly she didn’t win :(.  Shout out to the winners! You did great.  Sigma Sigma Sigma having a great semester so far, I’ll blog again soon!

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